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Cloned Card 16000 USD

$390  /  0.00718 Ƀ

Quantity Card: 1

Balance one Card:  $16000 (+/- 300)



These cards are associated with a bank account and can be used for 30 days from the first use (so it’s important to use all the money during this time). These cards are recommended for withdrawing money from ATMs only and of course they come with their PIN CODE.


  1. Viva

    AAA+ seller, thanks

  2. Shanna Kuvalis

    good job it’s working

  3. Madalyn

    I asked them to put my name on the card and they accept it awesome!

  4. Mr. Deon Thiel

    Thank you received and I checked it’s working

  5. ayberk

    hi. ‘Your cart is currently empty.’ why am i getting this error? How do I pay for the site?

  6. ccdumps

    Dear ayberk
    We fixed the problem now you can submit your order.

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